My name is Alex and this Blog is kind of a mirror for my undertaking to learn Haskell in my spare time. I hope it will reflect the hurdles I found on the way out of the viewpoint of someone new to programming in general and new to Haskell.

The projects here documented follow my personal needs and ideas. At least for the first articles of the Blog, I assume you have a rudimentary understanding of Html and Css. For me this is not only a giving something back to a great community, it is also a kind of documentation. Updates come as they originate, say as projects grow. We start with building this Blog and some examples from a website that I needed to create. Both projects are realized with the fantastic Yesod web framework.

Taken that it should be clear that this is not a pure Haskell Blogpost, there are quite a lot of accompanying topics to learn - goal is to grasp all that what it takes to realize a Haskell project.

As a critical character I try to choose my steps somehow sustainable and wisely, and so I hopefully have when deciding for Haskell. In my case a good part of that is a strong gut feeling which is affirmed more and more I understand how thing's work in the Haskell world. But: I am only one monkey that climb one tree in one jungle.

So learning Haskell might not be the simplest task, but I am quite confident that it will be sometimes fun and somehow promote central blood flow. I am also quite confident that not only some ways guide to Rome: if you are a friendly, curious and open minded person, let's try this one and come along with me passing the sweet hills of Tuscany, or wherever you start, heading south. Have fun.

For discussions and suggestions you may reach out to me at nolte [ at ] lavabit [ . ] com
or connect yourself on #haskell:matrix.onepigayear.de